Club Rules from 2018

Club Rules from 2018
1. Name


The object of the Club shall be to promote the Game of tennis and paddle tennis in Gibraltar.

The recognised colours of the Club shall be dark green, white and terracotta. The RGB (Red, Green and Blue colour codes) are:
Green: R:0, G:124,B: 70

Terracota: R:255, G:0, B; 43


The recognised crest of the Club shall be a dark green shield with straight top, outlined in white cord, with a horizontal division in white cord one-third from the top, this division enclosing the letters G.S.L.T.C. also in white cord. In the lower section, a castle, insignia of Gibraltar, in terracotta and key in white.

The membership shall consist of:

Senior members (18 and over)
Family members
Junior members
Life members
Student members studying abroad
Student members studying local
Honorary members
Temporary members
Non-playing members
5.1 Senior Membership will be open to persons of the age of 18 years and over.

5.2 Family Membership will be open to a couple, and with their children between the ages between 8 and 17.

5.3 Junior membership will be open to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17.

5.4 Student membership is open to persons over the age of 18 studying abroad or local.

5.5 Honorary Members shall be proposed by the Committee and approved by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall be exempt from payment of entrance fees or subscriptions.

5.6 Temporary Membership shall be open to visitors who may be in Gibraltar on holiday or business, for a short period of time. Charged on a monthly basis.

5.7 Non-playing Membership shall be open to persons over the age of 18 years, wishing to use the Club’s facilities without entitlement to use the facilities such as tennis and paddle courts and the Gym.


6.1 In all cases of proposals and applications for membership a majority vote of the Committee reserves the right to refuse application of membership.

6.2 Honorary Titles, such as Patrons, Life Presidents, Honorary Life Members etc. may only be bestowed on persons on the unanimous recommendation of the Committee and carried by an Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Subscriptions and Entrance fees shall be as determined by a majority vote of the Committee and approved at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

Should any member be in arrears the Hon. Secretary shall notify the member that, in the event of the subscription not being paid within a fortnight, the member’s name will be posted on the Club’s notice board as being in arrears and excluded from the list of members.

Should any member resign, or be excluded under rule 8, and wish to re-join, a new application will be submitted in the usual manner.

10.1 The affairs of the Club shall be covered by a Committee of Senior Members, elected at the Annual General Meeting, and shall consist of the following posts:

Club Captain Tennis
Club Captain Paddle
Club Captain Junior
Four Committee members
10.2 Five members of the Committee, shall form a quorum at the meeting duly convened by the Secretary. Decisions are to be taken at committee meetings only and duly recorded in the minutes. Should decisions be taken outside committee meetings the requirement of minimum five members agreement remains. However the secretary must ensure that the decision is validated formally at next committee meeting.

10.3 Committee meetings must include the following items on each agenda:

Date and time,
Present and apologies,
approval of minutes of previous meeting,
Outstanding action points,
Chairmans Report (Important Club Issues),
Treasurers Report,
Any Other Business (AOB),
Decision of Date of Next Meeting
10.4 In the absence of the President and Vice-President, then the Committee shall elect a Chairman from amongst the members of the Committee present.

10.5 In the event of the number of votes being equal at a meeting, the President of Chairman shall have a casting vote.

10.6 The Committee shall be responsible for the general management of the Club and for the framing of the rules. The Committee shall establish the Court fees, floodlighting fees, tournament fees and ensuring compliance with the rules. The new rules will be available from the Club office available upon request. It will also be uploaded to Facebook and our website.

10.7 Any member of the Committee, unable to be present at a Committee meeting, may record his/her vote by proxy in writing.

10.8 The Committee may appoint any Member to act on a sub-committee, but any recommendations by such a sub-committee need not necessarily be binding on the Committee.

10.9 The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall conduct the general correspondence of the Club. Prior to each committee meeting the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting is to be distributed to all members of the committee. Ideally by email and 48 hours prior to the meeting.

10.10 The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Club. He/she will be responsible for the collection of dues and shall keep the Club’s accounts which shall be presented, duly audited, at the Annual General Meeting.

10.11 The Committee shall meeting frequently. minimum 6 times per annum

10.12 The Committee shall have powers to fill vacancies occurring during the term of office.

10.13 No member of the Committee, other than the Treasurer shall incur any expenditure of Club funds. In the event of the absence of the Treasurer the President shall have the authority to incur expenditure of the Club.

10.14 No item of capital expenditure exceeding £5,000 will be incurred without the sanction of the majority of the Committee.


11.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of March and the business at such meeting shall be:

To read the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings which may have been held.

To receive the Committee’s report

To receive the Treasurer’s report and pass the accounts.

Any other business, of which ten days due notice shall have been given to the Secretary in writing.

To elect the Auditor for the ensuing year.

To elect the Committee for the ensuing year.

11.2 Only paid up members shall have the right to vote. Junior, Student, Honorary, Temporary and non-playing members are not entitled to vote.

11.3 At the General Meetings of the Club, 25 members shall form a quorum.

In the event of there being no quorum within thirty minutes from the time appointed to commence the meeting, if convened at the request of members under Rule 13.1, the meeting shall be dissolved, but in any other case it shall stand adjourned for the same day in the next week, at the same time, the venue to be agreed. At the adjourned meeting, if a quorum as established is not present, those members present shall constitute a quorum and the meeting shall proceed with.
11.4 The date, time and venue for all General Meetings shall be published in the local press and posted on the Club’s notice board 14 days before the date fixed for such meetings.

11.5 Any business or motion to be brought before a General Meeting must be sent in writing, giving the names of the proposer and seconder – both of whom shall be voting members – to the Secretary so as to reach him/her ten days before the date fixed for such meeting. These proposals shall be posted on the Club’s notice board seven days before the meeting which they are to be discussed.

11.6 For an amendment to the Rules, two-thirds of those present must be in favour of the proposed amendment. For any other purpose, a majority of those present shall carry the motion. In the case of an equal member of votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

11.7 Any proposal carried at a General Meeting shall stand for a minimum period of six months, from the date of its adoption, before it can be revoked.

11.8 Any proposals rejected at a General Meeting may not be brought up again, until six months have elapsed from the date of its rejection.


12.1 An extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Committee or a majority thereof. Such a meeting shall also be called, upon receipt by the Committee of a written request, signed by not less than 35 members, and accompanied by a statement in the form of a resolution, setting forth the matter to be brought before the meeting. For an Extraordinary General Meeting dealing with the possible dissolution of the Club, see Rule 21

12.2 No business shall be transacted at an Extraordinary General Meeting except that for which the meeting was called.


13.1 The Club’s annual open championship shall, if practicable, be held during the Summer.

13.2 The Committee shall fix such entrance fees for tournaments as it seems will ensure that these are self-supporting.


14.1 The Committee may close all or any of the courts, whenever it is considered necessary by The Committee.

14.2 Players shall not be allowed to wear spiked, heeled, leather or black-soled shoes on the courts.

14.3 Players are to wear appropriate sports attire.


15.1 The Club Captain shall have charge of all the challenge trophies of the Club.

15.2 Such trophies will remain in the case of the Club.


16.1 Senior members may bring non-playing guests to the Club and shall be responsible for their behaviour whilst on the Club’s premises.

16.2 A playing guest may only be introduced once monthly and upon payment of the prescribed fee set by the Committee.

16.3 All visitors and guests will be subject to the conditions of the Rules.

16.4 Bona-fide tourists, residents in local hotels, may use the Club’s courts on any day of the week, depending on availability. Bookings will be made through their hotel reception desks and the prescribed court fee set by The Committee will apply.


The Committee shall define the duties and responsibilities of all Club employees.

18.1. A suggestion box shall be kept at the bar, for use by members. This box shall be presented at every Committee meeting and comments noted therein shall be dealt with. No question shall be looked into unless it bears the name and signature of the member.

18.2. All complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary.


Wilful or neglectful damage to Club property by a Member or Members, or their guests, will be made good at such Member’s or Members’ cost.

If an Extraordinary General Meeting, of which no less than 30 days notice has been given, passes a resolution by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the Members present, for the dissolution of the Club, then the Committee shall proceed to realise the property of the Club and, after the discharge of all liabilities, shall divide the residual balance equally, amongst all the voting members of at least ten years standing, and on completion of such divisions the Club shall be dissolved.

Every Member on joining the Club, undertakes to comply with and help uphold these Rules and any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct in the Club-House or grounds considered injurious to the character or interest of the Club or any Member, shall render the offending Member liable to suspension or expulsion by a two-thirds majority vote of a Committee meeting, provided that at least one week before such a meeting he/she should have had notice of this meeting and of the intended resolution for his/her suspension or expulsion, and that he/she shall at such a meeting and before the passing of any such resolution have had an opportunity of giving, orally or in writing, an explanation by way of defence which the Members may think fit. A Member expelled or suspended under the Rule shall not be permitted to use the Club-House or grounds during such suspension, but shall have the right to appeal to an Extraordinary General Meeting (see Rule 13) to be held within two months of such expulsion or suspension. Notices to Members shall be held to have been duly served if sent by registered post to the address of the Member as appearing in the the Club’s records.

The Committee shall have powers to decide on matters on which the Rules may be silent, until such time as a General Meeting may rule on the subject.


The AGM 2018 elected unanimously to decide that the entire Club including courts, gym and Club house and outside areas such as balcony and terrace to be non smoking.


Welfare Officer: Karl Grambow
Purpose: GSLTC commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults by ensuring all our staff and volunteers meet the obligations to act ethically and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all during our events, outings and workshops.
All volunteers need to report any areas of concern to our welfare officer Karl Grambow.
Scope: This policy applies to all vulnerable adults and children in terms of safety and wellbeing in all activities the organisation is involved in. Applies to all people conducting work for the GSLTC in a paid or unpaid capacity.
Responsibilities: A Welfare Officer (Karl Grambow) is responsible for any reports from volunteers carrying out activities within the organisation and for reporting any concerns relating to children, young & vulnerable adults.The Chairperson is responsible to ensure that all procedures for receiving and responding to complaints or concerns are followed up and ensuring all risk assessments are kept up to date. GSLTC Committee to receive proper training in Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and ensuring there is a Code of Conduct at all times during GSLTC activities.
Reporting Procedures: In the event of disclosure, the chairperson and welfare officer should be notified by email or if urgent then by phone by a person reporting allegations. Allegations will be reported to the Police on 999 if emergency or 20077035 for clarification and advice and any other relevant authorities.
Accidental injuries to children: In the event of an accident to a child, young or vulnerable adult under our care during the GSLTC activities First Aid will be provided by our first aider and parents or guardians will be called in the first instant. Should we require medical intervention an ambulance should be called on 999.
Medication Policy: If there is a medical emergency the chairperson or welfare officer who ever is present will call the ambulance and ensure proper safety and intimacy of the child, young or vulnerable adult is kept.
Legislation and Standards: Ensuring that all local government regulations and policies are kept. Vetting will be conducted every two years on those active in the GSLTC committee.
Training: Committee members to keep up their training through courses offered by the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority (GSLA) and ensure that a record is kept of those attending the courses.
Organisational policies and procedures: The GSLTC is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children, young and vulnerable adults. Proper risk assessments and record keeping is kept. Confidentiality will be kept in line with the General Data Protection regulations and data protection laws.
Policy Status and review: The Committee has approved this Safety Policy and is effective as from immediate effect from the date below.
For more information, please contact Club President Louis Poggio or the Welfare Officer Karl Grambow. This policy will be reviewed yearly pre AGM meeting to be further ratified by all members.