Sandpits Gibraltar

Really useful steps to become a member

This appears like a long list. It really is not.

Please take time to read through. 

Filling in the membership form that is also available on this website or collectable at the Club is the first point.

We have spent much time drafting and re-drafting the form so we have greyed out fields that are essential to efficiently make you a member.

The form includes the bank details, the amounts to pay depending on the membership you required.


The ideal process is

  1. Fill in the membership form as complete as possible. Clearly write :
    1. Full name
    2. Home address
    3. Email
    4. Telephone number(s)
    5. Membership type
      1. If Family Membership
        1. All names of all members, Date of birth and email addresses
          1. This is so every member can make booking in their own right
  2.  Email the form to the Club Secretary on
    1.  Include a photo of each new member
      1. This is for the printing of access cards giving 24 hour access to the Club
        1. A full audit of all accesses granted are recorded on the Club’s computer
      2. The Membership directory (found on the front page of the court booking system
        1. This is only accessible to paid-up members using individual log-in details
          1. Ability to see pictures of all members
          2. Ability to click an icon to send an email to e.g. invite to play a game.
  3. The club will allocated a membership  number
    1. Individual membership numbers are allocated to each member
      1. Senior
      2. Junior
      3. Non-playing member
      4. Honorary members
    2. If a Family membership we will ADDITIONALLY issue a Family Membership number.
      1. This number is to be quoted on the subscription payment ideally a Standing Order. This will hugely assist us in the administration of keeping sure only paid-up members have access to the Club and to make court bookings.


  4. Please make payment making sure to add the membership number in the reference. 
    1. Ideally set up a standing order.
  5.  Please advise for whom access cards are to be issued.
    1. Ideally this is done at the Club House as they are issues physically in the office located in the annex to the left.
  6.  Welcome to Gibraltar Sandpits Lawn Tennis Club. Membership remains in force as long as prevailing fees are paid.
  7. Check out the Facebook group as well as the court booking website.
    1. Your login name will be SURNAME first name
    2. Your password will be 77035 (the Club’s phone number)
      1. At the first login you will be required to change this password. 
  8. Should you no longer wish to remain a member we would be MOST GRATEFUL if you could inform the the Club Secretary on

Once payment is validated the Club will enter all your details into our various systems.

  1. Court booking system
    1. Access this website and log in on a mobile phone. In most cases when being asked to save this to the home screen will create an icon that has the same effect as an app. 
    2. You can access your profile
    3. You can make ONE court booking. Either tennis or paddle tennis.
      1. you must enter all players names at the time of booking to ensure booking is not deleted
    4. For historic reasons reservations is open at 11am.
      1. Courts can be booked at the Club House if open (usually weekdays only)
      2. Courts can be booked online at the above website
      3. Courts are available for the same day ie. from 11am the same day or for the following day.
        1. Fridays from 11am booking for Saturday and Sunday is possible. 
        2. From 11am Sunday booking a court for Monday is available.
  2. Spreadsheet to reconcile payments
  3. Access card management system (allows us to activate access cards for non paid-up members)